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Hello folks, we are
Emery’s Outlet.

A take-out and convience store located in Callensburg, PA -catering too!

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About Our Store

Quality Food & Products

Great options for take-out, a deli case, and any home necessities you’d need.

Catering Service

We can cater any special event you have planned, please call us for booking.

Baked Goods

Amazing fresh baked goods including 5 different kinds of cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls and more.

Gas & Diesel

We have both gas and diesel pumps for a quick refuel during your pit stop.


Catering Service

Delicious and simple full-service catering to suit any event you have in mind with meticulous care, We also cater meals delivered to your event or office to make even your most simple meals or meetings memorable. Please call us for more details and booking!

Delicious fresh baked goods that your family will love

There is nothing like the sweet smell of fresh baked goods. Homemade breads, doughnuts, cookies and other sweet treats pulled straight from the oven for you to enjoy.


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Callensburg, Pennsylvania

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